i'm gonna take you far from here


Swerve is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. Crafting melodic, guitar-driven tunes, singer-songwriter Gregory Mahdesian leads the band with a vision of staying true to the foundations of alt-rock. Together with local musicians Ryan Berti on guitar, Brandon Duncan on bass, Swerve creates songs reminiscent of the Britpop and Grunge movements with a modern sensibility and a healthy dose of their Californian personalities. Swerve made their official debut in 2015 with a self-titled EP release which lent to rave reviews; “the band has quickly created a memorable sound,” describes PureVolume. Swerve is currently performing locally while recording a second EP, expected for release by the end of this year.


Vocals, Guitar / Gregory Mahdesian
Guitar, Vocals / Ryan Berti
Bass, Vocals / Brandon Duncan



tour dates

September 24th, Resident DTLA

November 9th-11th, Mesa Music Festival, Mesa AZ


Are You Coming Home With Me?

by Swerve

Single released in anticipation of Swerve's "Mixtape Residency"